terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2009

I can carry a story

Create a portable packaging containing a few of personal photography.
Red was my theme.

a text to support the imagens, with a certain poetry, because it was really personal:
the opening, blood, floor, dust, raisor, line and tum tum tum tum tum tum of my heart when i inspire and fill my lungs on happybirthday. not that many years ago. still, so much has changed. and will change. my room is a corridor, sitting on my bed i can see the kitchen, the desk, the closet, the big window, the bathroom door and everything else, in a single division, i work it since i enter the room until the giant window that shows me the other corridors. so sorry, bedrooms. the left wall shows me, when it rains, the projected shadow of rain drops, near the kitchen, the stove, shelves and fridge. the exhaust fan supports the spice botles, the garlic, olive and napkins. i can see it from my bed. the striped bedspread matches in colors the desk and the rest of the furniture.
i believe the best of all are the other corridors, yes, the bedrooms. specially when they all come together and talk at the living room with the orange couches that match the bedspread and everything.
the diference is, those bedrooms are red, that warm color, the hug color.

tools: my camera and handmade packaging

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