terça-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2009

Jan Tschichold, Elementare Typographie

the importance of communication:
conflict // cooperation // redundancy - text and image

concerning about the text:
studying and choosing types, testing typographical rules;
the organization on the paper, with the image

10 Orders from Jan Tschichold:
create a book containing que rules and numeration.
simple exercise of a black right page and numeration, adding two elements that change colors: text in yellow case and abstract blue arrows.

tools: InDesign

Book lovers never go to bed alone.

Paging or planning pages. Manipulation of graphic elements. Image Perception. Rythm. Layer and marrow.
Squares and colors become a spot.
Cinematographic experience: squares grow and the blue color explodes on tha last frame.

Tools: Illustrator and InDesign

We love typography

Create a book/ booklet with type as abstract.
I came up with the idea of adapting a caleidoscope to my camera and register the obtained images.
color in.
photo of a single letter e registration of a pattern.
double page with type and textured image.
book of sensations, warm and cold colors, diferente feelings.

Tools: Photoshop and my camera.


Researching about Printing. Group work; we named a group of efective good designer in the area of Oporto and interviewed them about the importance of printing and final work. Got together all the information on six small books containing text and photo. Packaging came as the solution to carry the book, there are six individual packages with the respective book and audio cd and a bigger one to group all the books.

Tools: InDesign

I can carry a story

Create a portable packaging containing a few of personal photography.
Red was my theme.

a text to support the imagens, with a certain poetry, because it was really personal:
the opening, blood, floor, dust, raisor, line and tum tum tum tum tum tum of my heart when i inspire and fill my lungs on happybirthday. not that many years ago. still, so much has changed. and will change. my room is a corridor, sitting on my bed i can see the kitchen, the desk, the closet, the big window, the bathroom door and everything else, in a single division, i work it since i enter the room until the giant window that shows me the other corridors. so sorry, bedrooms. the left wall shows me, when it rains, the projected shadow of rain drops, near the kitchen, the stove, shelves and fridge. the exhaust fan supports the spice botles, the garlic, olive and napkins. i can see it from my bed. the striped bedspread matches in colors the desk and the rest of the furniture.
i believe the best of all are the other corridors, yes, the bedrooms. specially when they all come together and talk at the living room with the orange couches that match the bedspread and everything.
the diference is, those bedrooms are red, that warm color, the hug color.

tools: my camera and handmade packaging

Me as abc

Illustrating me as abc

Tools: drawing and mixing

IJUP 2009, a poster

Design a poster for the event IJUP 2009, a meeting for young researchers of Universidade do Porto.
I built the image/type based on geometrical squared figures, as a "do-it-yourself" cube.
The idea that a young researchers event doesn't have to be something super serious.

Tools: Illustrator and InDesign